Stop the rape and sexual harassment of tourists in Nepal

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In Thamel, the tourist district of Kathmandu, there is a travel agent of good manners and reputation. He organises mountaineering expeditions and package treks as well as tailor-made treks for travellers with individual requirements, especially safety-conscious lone women.

This is no backstreet operator. With his charisma and precise attention to detail, he wins the confidence of an international clientele. Registered, main-stream, immaculate, he gains the trust of women who look to him for security and he capitalises on this trust. Sexual harassment is an understatement. He prefers rape, in fact serial rape.
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Tour operators are among the wealthiest men in Nepal, some of whom bribe government ministers to escape criminal charges. For many tourists difficulties in pressing charges of rape are increased by short visas and pre-booked flights. They can lack the time to visit their embassies. If they have no chance to prove their case in Nepal, they fear charges of slander and libel in attempting to report sexual abuse later.

This leaves offenders free to operate as main-stream registered and "reputable" agents, dealing with Western travel agents who have to operate through Nepalese companies. Such rapists are an illicit source of income for Nepalese authorities who, by leaving them in business, are able to demand money each time a complaint is received.

So far the travel industry has mostly ignored this issue, regarding lack of criminal convictions as evidence of good character. We urge people of integrity in the travel industry to take this issue very seriously and make it clear to your employees, coworkers, colleagues and elected officials that abuse will absolutely not be tolerated.

We ask that anyone who has had experiences, either positive or negative, in their dealings with the Nepalese travel industry e-mail us about their experiences. We would use this and other information to help travelers choose safe travel and trekking companies. Anonymous responses are welcome. We would like to thank those who have already replied.

Women who have been abused by anyone in Nepal's travel industry are urged to work with us to put this person out of business and out of the range of future travelers. Confidentiality is insured. Please e-mail

In addition to promoting safety in Nepal by stopping this sanctioned practice of violence against women tourists we hope that, by obliging the authorities to take note of women's human rights, this campaign will add weight and momentum to the effort to stop the pervasive and widespread problem of trafficking Nepalese girls to the brothels of India.

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